Wildland Fire Class

On February 11, starting at 8:00am, Watalula VFD will be hosting the Arkansas Forestry Commission’s Wildland Fire Suppression class.  This eight-hour class is required training for new volunteer firefighters, but this time Watalula VFD is inviting Watalula Fire District property owners and residents to attend.  

Many of the district’s property owners live in what’s called the “wildland-urban interface”, which makes their properties more susceptible to wildfires. Their properties often contain or are surrounded by wildland fuels. This class will help property owners prepare their properties for wildland fires and take action to lower or prevent wildland fire damage.

The goal is to prepare your property to withstand a wildfire even without firefighter intervention. This event will also help improve dialogue between firefighters and residents and improve the overall fire safety of the community.  Records show that as many as 80% of homes lost to wildfires could have been saved if homeowners had only followed a few simple fire-safe practices.

Seats are limited. If you are interested to attend this free class call Watalula Fire Chief Frank Theising at 209-3777 to reserve a seat.

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