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Clarksville Fire Hydrant Flush


Clarksville Connected Utility crews will be flushing water mains beginning on Saturday, April 22, 2023. A general outline of when various parts of the system will be flushed appears below. We anticipate the five days listed below to complete this work. Updates or changes to the flushing schedule, if required, will be placed on local radio stations and on our website, and the Clarksville Connected Utilities Facebook page.

Care should be taken when your area is being flushed as discoloration of the water may temporally occur that might adversely affect laundry or other water uses.


Saturday, April 22:

East of Spadra Creek and North of Porter Industrial Road, Big Danger area, Cline Road Area, West Ridge, Ridge Wood and Clark Road     East of Willet Creek.                                                                                                                                    

Monday, April 24:

North of Cherry Street, Ray Road Area, Willet Branch Area & University of the Ozarks.                               

Tuesday, April 25:

South of Cherry Street and North of I-40, South Town, Downtown Area, and Fair Grounds Area.

Wednesday, April 26:

Clark Road West of Willet Creek, Shady Grove Road, Western Hills, Highway 64 West, Stewart Place, Stegall Road and Wire Road Areas.

Thursday, April 27:

South of I-40 and South of Porter Road except Big Danger Area, Market Street Area, South Rogers, Lakeview & Rosemary Additions, South Crawford & Easton Addition, Highway 109 and Distribution Center, South Skaggs Road & Griffith Loop Area, Interstate Drive Area, Country Club Road, Massengale Road Area.

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