Remote Broadcast at Cecil Store

Broadcasting From Cecil Store & Grill

KDYN is broadcasting a live show on Tuesday morning 1/17 at the Cecil Store and Grill on Highway 96 in Cecil. We will be there broadcasting from 7:30am to 9am.

Sign up for WAVE Rural Connect service.

Sign up for WAVE Rural Connect service. Wave Rural Connect was created by AVECC in its ongoing efforts to provide sustainable development for the communities it serves. The AVECC fiber infrastructure will allow Wave Rural Connect to provide game-changing broadband internet at lightning-fast speed to every member.

Sign up for Giveaways

Join us at the Cecil Store & Grille for the chance to win a series of giveaways.

Make plans to visit on January 17th at the Cecil Store

Visit in person for a chance to win a free giveaway, sign up for the internet, and support local businesses.

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