It’s that time of the year again Hillbilly Football and Cheerleading. Signups begin now at the Ozark Community Center. $45 to register. Check, money order or cashier check. No cash please!!! The grades are, going into this fall, 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th and 6th grade. No 13 year olds if birthday is before August 1st

July 24th first day of practice:

August 1st last day regular signup:

August 12th last day of late signup:

August 12th Football Jamboree in Van Buren:

August 18th Big/Little Hillbilly:

August 19th Ozark Football Jamboree:

August 26th Greenwood Football Jamboree:

September 9th First regular season game:

Some dates and events may change:

If someone signs up after August 1st there will be a $25 late fee:

There will not be any registration taking after August 12th unless they are a move in from another town:

Please get signup as soon as possible. The early the better. We have to order t-shirts, jerseys, etc:

We will have the schedule out as soon as we get it:

The league meeting is August 6th:

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